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Sep 10, Oct 8

Generally, the second Monday of each month. For more information, see the Meetings page.

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A Great Egret was seen in the beaver pond of Bell's Lane on September 14, and a variety of unusual shorebirds such as White-rumped Sandpipers, Pectoral Sandpipers, a Ruddy Turnstone, and a Buff-breasted Sandpiper were seen in a field at the lower end of Patton Farm Road in Stuarts Draft.

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Augusta Bird Club members may submit rare bird sightings by using the Update page. For further information, or to report any unusual sightings, please contact the rare bird alert coordinator, Allen Larner.

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Birds of Augusta County:
new edition! (PDF)

Birds of Augusta County book cover

Just click on the image above. The 4th edition (2016), edited by Dan Perkuchin, replaces the 3rd (2008) edition Birds of Augusta County, which was edited by YuLee Larner.

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Last news update: 25 Sep 2018

Cornell Young Birders Event,
presented by Baxter Beamer

Our next "Birds & Brews, Wings & Wine" social hour will be: TBA Thursday, August 23 at 6:00 PM at Plaza Azteca in Waynesboro.
Thursday, June 28th, 5:30 p.m., at Table 44, located at 300 Church Street, near Sunspots Studio in Staunton.
Sorrel's Lounge in the Stonewall Jackson Hotel, Staunton on March 26 at 6:00 PM. RSVP to Peter Van Acker by March 22. 6:00 PM on Tuesday, February 27 at the Depot at 42 Middlebrook Ave, Staunton. Please RSVP by February 26 to Peter Van Acker.
6:00 PM on Tuesday, January 30 at the Fishin' Pig, 117 Apple Tree Lane, in Waynesboro. (It's just off I-64 next to the Best Western.)
Thursday, October 26 at the Yelping Dog, downtown Staunton, starting at 6:00 PM; please RSVP to Peter Van Acker. Stable Craft Brewery, 375 Madrid Rd, Waynesboro, VA 22980

Back by popular demand!

Augusta Bird Club's
2018 Bird Seed Sale

Order online or by mail by Thursday, October 18

Pick up Saturday, October 27 at the Augusta County Government Center in Verona

Your purchases will help the Augusta Bird Club raise funds for a variety of worthy causes. Thank you!

Spring in South Texas

From April 2-11 of this year, Grant Simmons and the Lawlers (Ed and Nancy) participated in the "Spring in South Texas" birdwatching tour run by Victor Emanuel Nature Tours. The idea was to catch some of the early spring migrants, and to go birding with Nancy and Ed's favorite bird guide, Barry Zimmer. A complete report of their trip will appear in the October issue of the Augusta Bird Club Bulletin. Here are a few of the highlights they saw (and photographed!):

Texas birds 1

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Vermilion Flycatcher, Long-billed Thrasher, Yellow-breasted Chat, Golden-cheeked Warbler, Elf Owl, Altamira Oriole. Photos courtesy of Ed and Nancy Lawler.

Texas birds 2

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Reddish Egret, Franklin's Gulls and Terns, Lesser Nighthawk, Whooping Crane, Black-bellied Whistling Duck, and Roseate Spoonbill. Photos courtesy of Ed and Nancy Lawler.

McCormick's Farm field trip

On Wednesday, September 19, nine members of the Augusta Bird Club met at McCormick's Farm to conduct a field trip to this diversified southern most part of Augusta County. We were greeted on the lane to the parking area with Savannah Sparrows, Bluebirds, and Chipping Sparrows. A Great Blue Heron, Green Heron, a Warbling Vireo, along with many immature Phoebes delighted the group. The weather was ideal early on but became quite warm by 10:00 AM. Among the other highlights were: Red-shouldered Hawk, Killdeer, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Brown Thrasher, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Eastern Towhee, and Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

by Jo King

Cape May Warbler

Cape May Warbler, in Staunton, September 17.

Dowell's Draft field trip

On Saturday, September 8, five members of the Augusta Bird Club went on a field trip to Dowell's Draft, where Northern Parulas and Prairie Warblers (presumably breeding) were observed over the summer. The skies were mostly cloudy, and it started to rain once again toward the end of the trip, as the group was visiting nearby Braley Pond. The highlights were Red-eyed Vireo, Eastern Wood Pewees, an Empid flycatcher (Least?), a Pileated Woodpecker, a possible Prairie Warbler (Pine?), several American Goldfinches, and some Worm-eating Warblers. Dowell's Draft lies along the right of way for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project, and future access to this area is uncertain.

by Andrew Clem

Bird art exhibit -- Nancy Spahr

Nancy Spahr will be exhibiting some of her paintings in the Invitational Exhibit, 'In Flight', at the Nelson Gallery located at 27 W. Washington Street, Lexington, VA. The opening reception was held Friday Sept. 7th from 5:00 - 7:00 PM, and the exhibit will continue for a few weeks.

The exhibit celebrates with the Audubon Society and National Geographic marking the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act by declaring 2018 the Year of the Bird. More than 100 organizations are joining forces to examine how our changing environment is impacting birds around the globe.


"Is This the Birds' Future?" by Nancy Spahr

Birds of Augusta County:
new edition!

The complete updated Birds of Augusta County (4th ed., 2016) is now available online: Birds_of_Augusta_County_2016_4th_Ed.pdf

(NOTE: The link previously shown above was to a much more detailed historical records document, not suitable for public use. Thanks to Allen Larner for calling attention to the error.) Many thanks to Dan Perkuchin for all the work he put into bringing our records up to date!

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