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The Augusta Bird Club organizes field trips throughout the year, usually two or three in most months. There are usually fewer such trips during the coldest winter months (January and February) and the hottest summer months (July and August), which is after breeding season when the singing frequency of most bird species declines, making them harder to find. Ordinarily, we meet at a designated location in our near Staunton or Waynesboro and then drive to the destination by "carpooling." Some of the most popular destinations include the Blue Ridge Parkway, Augusta Springs, and McCormick's Mill. Those who participate in field trips are expected to observe Birding Etiquette rules. For additional information on upcoming field trips, such as whether to bring snacks or a bag lunch, and the need to dress appropriately for the weather, please consult the current Newsletter.

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The next Augusta Bird Club monthly meeting will be held at 7:00 on Monday, March 11, at Covenant Presbyterian Church.
SPEAKER: Bruce Peterjohn
PROGRAM: Everything you wanted to know about Hummingbirds but were afraid to ask

Date Destination / Name of event Meeting Place * Time Coordinator(s)
February 16-19 Great Backyard Bird Count Your back yard All weekend (
Monday, February 19 Bell's Lane Bird Club kiosk 8:30 Penny Warren
Wednesday, February 21 McCormick Farm At the mill parking lot, 0.5 miles east of I-81 (Raphine exit) 9:00 Jo King
Sunday, March 3 Highland & Bath Counties Food Lion, N. Coalter St. in Staunton 7:45 Allen Larner

* (if different than the destination)

Linda, Penny, Peter, Joe, Lucy, Carleton, Marilyn, Martha, Ann, and Mary - 6 May 2019

From the field trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Monday May 6, 2019.

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