Bird Checklist
for Augusta County, Virginia

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For complete information on the occurrence of bird species in our area, see the upcoming fifth edition (2020) of Birds of Augusta County, edited by Allen Larner and Andrew Clem. Previous editions were published in 1988, 1998, 2008 (edited by YuLee Larner), and (electronic form only) 2016, edited by Dan Perkuchin. This 48-page book is a comprehensive reference, serving as an invaluable tool for casual bird watchers and serious conservationists alike.

Birds of Augusta County 2020 book cover

NOTE: This table is based on the upcoming fifth edition (2020) of Birds of Augusta County (see note in the left column), and has been updated to conform to the current classification and naming system of the American Ornithological Union. It also includes five new species: Purple Gallinule, Northern Shrike, Cave Swallow, Bicknell's Thrush, and Smith's Longspur, Scott's Oriole.

Symbols and abbreviations appear at the end of the list.

Category * Species s S F W
Fulvous Whistling-Duck a a
Snow Goose R R R
Ross's Goose R R R
Greater White-Fronted Goose R a R
Brant a a
3 Barnacle Goose a a
Cackling Goose R R R
*Canada Goose C C C A
5 Mute Swan R a a a
4 Trumpeter Swan a a
Tundra Swan U a U U
*Wood Duck C C C U
Blue-Winged Teal C R C R
Cinnamon Teal a
Northern Shoveler R a R U
Gadwall U a U C
American Wigeon U a U U
*Mallard A C A A
American Black Duck U a U U
Northern Pintail U U U
Green-Winged Teal U a U U
Canvasback U U R
Redhead R R R
Ring-Necked Duck C a C C
Greater Scaup R R R
Lesser Scaup U a U U
Surf Scoter a a a
White-Winged Scoter a a R
Black Scoter a a a
Long-Tailed Duck R R R
Bufflehead U U U
Common Goldeneye R R R
Hooded Merganser U R U U
Common Merganser R a R R
Red-Breasted Merganser R a R R
Ruddy Duck U a U U
Northern Bobwhite R R R R
6 *Ring-Necked Pheasant a a a a
*Ruffed Grouse U U U U
*Wild Turkey U U U U
Red-Throated Loon a a a
Common Loon R a R R
*Pied-Billed Grebe C R C U
Horned Grebe U a U R
Red-Necked Grebe R R
Eared Grebe a a
American Flamingo a
Black-Capped Petrel a
White-Tailed Tropicbird a
Wood Stork a a
Double-Crested Cormorant R R R R
Anhinga a a
American White Pelican a
American Bittern R R a
Least Bittern R a
*Great Blue Heron C C C C
Great Egret R U U a
Snowy Egret a a a
Little Blue Heron a a a
Tricolored Heron a a
Cattle Egret R R R
*Green Heron C C C a
Black-Crowned Night-Heron R R R R
Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron R R R
White Ibis R a
Glossy Ibis a a a
Roseate Spoonbill a
*Black Vulture C C C C
*Turkey Vulture C C C A
Osprey U R U a
Swallow-Tailed Kite a a
Golden Eagle R a U R
Mississippi Kite a a R
Northern Harrier U R U U
*Sharp-Shinned Hawk C U C U
*Cooper's Hawk C U C U
Northern Goshawk a R R
*Bald Eagle U U C U
*Red-Shouldered Hawk U U U U
*Broad-Winged Hawk C U A
3 ? Swainson's Hawk a
*Red-Tailed Hawk C C C C
Rough-Legged Hawk R R R
Virginia Rail a a
#Sora U R U a
Common Gallinule R a R
Purple Gallinule (NEW) a a
American Coot C R C U
Sandhill Crane R a R a
American Avocet a R
Black-Bellied Plover R a R
American Golden-Plover a R
Lesser/Greater Sand-Plover@ a
Semipalmated Plover U R U
*Killdeer C U C C
Upland Sandpiper a a a
Whimbrel a
Ruddy Turnstone a a
Red Knot a
Ruff a
Stilt Sandpiper R R
Sanderling a R
Dunlin U a U a
Baird's Sandpiper R
Least Sandpiper U R U a
White-Rumped Sandpiper R a R
Buff-Breasted Sandpiper R
Pectoral Sandpiper U R U a
Semipalmated Sandpiper U R U
Western Sandpiper a a R
Short-Billed Dowitcher R R R
Long-Billed Dowitcher a a
*American Woodcock U U R R
Wilson's Snipe U a U U
Wilson's Phalarope a a R
Red-Necked Phalarope R a
Red Phalarope a a
#Spotted Sandpiper U U U
Solitary Sandpiper U R U
Greater Yellowlegs U R U a
Willet a a a
Lesser Yellowlegs U R U
Bonaparte's Gull R R R
Laughing Gull a a a
Ring-Billed Gull U a U U
Herring Gull R R R
Least Tern a a
Caspian Tern R R R
Black Tern R a R
Common Tern R R
Forster's Tern R a R a
Black Skimmer a
5 *Rock Pigeon C C C C
5 Eurasian Collared-Dove a a a a
Common Ground-Dove a
*Mourning Dove A A A A
Passenger Pigeon (EXTINCT)
*Yellow-Billed Cuckoo C C C
*Black-Billed Cuckoo R R R
*Barn Owl U U U U
*Eastern Screech-Owl C C C C
*Great Horned Owl U U U U
Snowy Owl a a
*Barred Owl U U U U
Long-Eared Owl a a a
Short-Eared Owl R R R
Northern Saw-Whet Owl a a a
*Common Nighthawk R R U
#Chuck-Will's-Widow R R R
*Eastern Whip-Poor-Will C C C
*Chimney Swift C C C
*Ruby-Throated Hummingbird C C C a
Rufous Hummingbird a a a
*Belted Kingfisher C C C C
*Red-Headed Woodpecker U U U U
*Red-Bellied Woodpecker C C C C
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker U a U U
*Downy Woodpecker C C C C
*Hairy Woodpecker U U U U
*Northern Flicker C C C U
*Pileated Woodpecker U U U U
*American Kestrel C U C C
Merlin R U U
Peregrine Falcon R a R R
Olive-Sided Flycatcher R R
*Eastern Wood-Pewee C C C
Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher a a R
*Acadian Flycatcher C C C
Alder Flycatcher R R a
*Willow Flycatcher U C R
*Least Flycatcher R R R
*Eastern Phoebe C C C R
*Great Crested Flycatcher C C C
Western Kingbird a a
*Eastern Kingbird C C C
Scissor-Tailed Flycatcheer a
#Loggerhead Shrike R R R R
Northern Shrike (NEW) a a
White-Eyed Vireo U U U a
*Yellow-Throated Vireo U U U
*Blue-Headed Vireo U C U a
Philadelphia Vireo R R
*Warbling Vireo U U U
*Red-Eyed Vireo C A C
*Blue Jay C C C C
*American Crow C C C C
*Fish Crow U U U U
*Common Raven U U U U
*Horned Lark U U U U
*Northern Rough-Winged Swallow C U C
*Purple Martin U C U a
*Tree Swallow C A C R
#Bank Swallow U R U
*Barn Swallow A A A
*Cliff Swallow U U U
Cave Swallow (NEW) a
*Carolina Chickadee C C C C
*Black-Capped Chickadee U U U U
*Tufted Titmouse C C C C
Red-Breasted Nuthatch R R R R
*White-Breasted Nuthatch C C C C
Brown-Headed Nuthatch a a a a
Brown Creeper U R U U
*House Wren U C U a
Winter Wren R R R R
#Sedge Wren a R
Marsh Wren a R a
*Carolina Wren C C C C
Bewick's Wren (EXTIRPATED)
*Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher C C C
Golden-Crowned Kinglet U R U U
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet U a U R
*Eastern Bluebird C C C C
#Veery U R U
Gray-Cheeked Thrush R R
Bicknell's Thrush (NEW) a a
Swainson's Thrush U a U a
Hermit Thrush U a U U
*Wood Thrush C C C
*American Robin A A A U
*Gray Catbird C C C R
*Brown Thrasher C C C R
*Northern Mockingbird C C C C
5 *European Starling A A A A
American Pipit R R R
*Cedar Waxwing C U C R
Lapland Longspur R R R
Smith's Longspur (NEW) a a
Snow Bunting a R R
*Ovenbird C C C
*Worm-Eating Warbler C C C
*Louisiana Waterthrush C C C
Northern Waterthrush U a U
Bachman's Warbler (EXTINCT) a
#Golden-Winged Warbler R R R
#Blue-Winged Warbler R R R
*Black-And-White Warbler C C C a
Prothonotary Warbler R R
Swainson's Warbler a
Tennessee Warbler U U
Orange-Crowned Warbler a R
Nashville Warbler U a U a
Connecticut Warbler a R
#Mourning Warbler R R R
*Kentucky Warbler U U U
*Common Yellowthroat C C C a
*Hooded Warbler C C C
*American Redstart C C C
Cape May Warbler C C a
*Cerulean Warbler U U U
*Northern Parula U U U
Magnolia Warbler U a U
Bay-Breasted Warbler R R
*Blackburnian Warbler U U U
*Yellow Warbler C C C
*Chestnut-Sided Warbler C U C
Blackpoll Warbler C R U
*Black-Throated Blue Warbler C U C
Palm Warbler R U R
*Pine Warbler U U U R
#Yellow-Rumped Warbler C R C U
Yellow-Throated Warbler R R
*Prairie Warbler U R U
*Black-Throated Green Warbler C C C
*Canada Warbler R R R
Wilson's Warbler R R
4 ? Bachman's Sparrow a
*Grasshopper Sparrow U U C
Henslow's Sparrow a
Le Conte's Sparrow a
Nelson's Sparrow a
American Tree Sparrow R R R
*Chipping Sparrow C C C R
Clay-Colored Sparrow a a a a
*Field Sparrow C C C U
Lark Sparrow a a a
Fox Sparrow U U U
#Dark-Eyed Junco C U C C
White-Crowned Sparrow C a C C
Harris's Sparrow a
White-Throated Sparrow C R C A
*Vesper Sparrow U U U R
*Savannah Sparrow C U C U
*Song Sparrow A A A A
Lincoln's Sparrow R U R
Swamp Sparrow U U U
*Eastern Towhee C C C U
*Yellow-Breasted Chat R R R
Summer Tanager R a R
*Scarlet Tanager C C C
Western Tanager a
*Northern Cardinal C C C C
*Rose-Breasted Grosbeak U R U a
Black-Headed Grosbeak a
*Blue Grosbeak U U U
*Indigo Bunting A A A a
Painted Bunting a a
#Dickcissel R R R R
Yellow-Headed Blackbird a a
#Bobolink U R U
*Eastern Meadowlark C C C U
*Orchard Oriole U U U
*Baltimore Oriole U U U R
*Red-Winged Blackbird A A A U
*Brown-Headed Cowbird A A A U
Rusty Blackbird R R R
Brewer's Blackbird R a R
*Common Grackle A A A U
Evening Grosbeak a a
5 House Finch C C C C
Purple Finch U U R
Common Redpoll a a R
Red Crossbill a a a a
White-Winged Crossbill a a a
Pine Siskin U a U R
American Goldfinch C C C U
5 House Sparrow A A A A

Categories (based on criteria set by VARCOM):
1 = Confirmed as occurring in Virginia, based on physical evidence.
2 = Confirmed as occurring in Virginia, based on written documentation.
3 = Identity accepted, but of uncertain provenance.
4 = Historical records that no longer meet current standards.
5 = Introduced species that have become self-sustaining.
6 = Introduced species that have been extirpated.
NOTE: In the table above, only Categories 3 - 6 are indicated.

s = Spring (March - May)
S = Summer (June - July)
F = Fall (August - November)
W = Winter (December - February)

Relative abundance:
A = Abundant - likely in large numbers in proper habitat.
C = Common - seen most of the time or in small numbers in proper habitat/season.
U = Uncommon - occurs in small numbers or in limited habitat
R = Rare - occurs irregularly in small numbers.
a = Accidental - no more than five records in the given season.
* = Breeds locally - some breeding evidence, not necessarily a nest record.
# = Rare and local breeding, not necessarily a nest record.
Italics indicate a species accidental to the area.
@ = Ambiguous cases, in which two similar species are very hard to distinguish.

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